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Carla Leininger, Founder
As a creative, visionary, communications professional fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, Carla founded the Arrepia, Brasil! community and website in 2004. Its mission is to unite individuals and organizations who have an interest in learning, experiencing, promoting and enhancing Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language in Pittsburgh. Click here to email Carla with questions or if you would like to be added to our email newsletter.

Carla is also responsible for Global Beats, a presenter of world music events in Pittsburgh.

“I have worked with Carla Leininger for the past 6 years in volunteer work dedicated to making Latin American culture more visible in Western Pennsylvania. Her knowledge, commitment and initiative in developing special events, running a community-based radio show and bringing together very diverse groups are impressive. Carla understands the value each aspect of cultural expressions can add to our experience of music, theater, dance, and literature. She has been an engaged member of Pittsburgh's Latin American "village" for over twenty years. I hope she is willing to continue to be such a great example to all of us for twenty years more.” Monica Nogueira, April 2012
About Arrepia, Brasil!
Our mission is to become a part of Pittsburgh’s multicultural spectrum of colors and create a bridge that unites cross-cultural channels of communications and resources to maintain a vibrant and well-respected Brazilian presence in our community.

What is our history?

The Brazilian community in Pittsburgh is growing but has remained very dispersed, making the communications among Brazilians and Brazil lovers a bit challenging. This site was born in the summer of 2004 to replace Carla Leininger’s email distribution list. The intention was to put the communications at the reach of all community members and to allow them to get to know one another. Furthermore, it would become an interactive communications channel where the community at large would have an opportunity to learn about Brazilian cultural events in Pittsburgh and to network with fellow members. Our FAQ document answers most questions that an immigrant would have upon arrival and quickly became a very important resource. Another key document created is the Directory of Portuguese-Speaking Professionals which lists many Brazilians by occupation and/or professional services.
In 2011, our group found more interaction and growth in our group page on Facebook. We highly recommend that you join us on Facebook if you would like to be a part of the conversations.

The word “arrepiar” means to get goose bumps. It’s that great emotion that good things in life make you feel! You will see that word often in our site. We believe in the great spirit and positive energy of the Brazilian people and hope to share that with the lovely people of Pittsburgh! Stick with us and you, too, will feel some “arrepios” or “chills!”

Estamos ligados no Brasil! We are in tune with Brazil!
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Committed to creating a strong and vibrant Brazilian community.